1. Who needs AbsoluteID personalised labels?
Anybody who wants to deter thieves and give honest people a chance to return lost belongings. Statistics show that thousands of expensive possessions, such as bikes, prams, and mobile phones are lost and stolen every day. An AbsoluteID permanent label will help prevent this happening, and it will also help increase the chances of them  being returned to you if they are lost.

“Every year thousands of missing bicycles are recovered by the police but despite their efforts, hundreds of bikes - including expensive brands such as Trek, SCOTT and Specialized - are languishing in London’s police stations because there is no way of tracing the legal owner.”

“Halifax Home Insurance polled 2,000 parents in 2010, 5% of whom said their pram or pushchair had been stolen in the past 12 months -  almost double the number who reported losses the year before. Meanwhile, the theft of buggies costing more than £500 increased by 40%.”

2. What are AbsoluteID labels made from?
The AbsoluteID labels are made from acrylate with a high tack acrylic adhesive. This film is highly resistant to chemical substances, extreme temperatures and other environmental influences. The labels have been subjected to extreme temperatures (up to 300 degrees centigrade and as low as - 60 degrees) with no changes recorded. They are rainproof, salt water proof and snow proof. Tests have also shown they provide long-term readability and are abrasion resistant (rub proof).

3. What information do I include on my labels?
Most people will want to have the labels marked with their name on line 1 and a mobile phone number on line 2 as this will enable someone to contact you if the possession is found. It is of course possible to have your e-mail address on line 2 instead (for greater privacy or globe trotters) or even your company name. If you are intending to label your mobile phone (or if you cycle on your own) it might be worth considering ordering a sheet with the contact number of another family member as well.

4. Can AbsoluteID labels be removed?

The adhesive performance of these labels depends on the texture of the substrate surface. We have designed these labels so that is difficult to remove them intact, but  there may be certain circumstances in which removal is necessary. In this case they should be heated to a temperature high enough to re-flow the adhesive.

5. Who needs AbsoluteID Wrist ID?

Whether you are a cyclist, walker, runner, horse rider, swimmer, skier or just someone who is active, you should have an AbsoluteID Wrist ID. If there is an emergency, having vital medical and personal information at the scene could save your life and make it easier for your family to be contacted.

AbsoluteID Wrist ID are also perfect for children. If they are visiting a theme park, playing on the beach or just out shopping, children sometimes get lost or hurt. An AbsoluteID Wrist ID has all your contact details to make sure they get back to you safely.

If you or your loved one suffers from a serious medical condition, such as epilepsy, diabetes or a life threatening allergy, make sure all the critical information is close to hand. The bright red Medical ID band will alert the emergency services to the life-saving details contained on the ID tag. It won’t fall off or get lost and it looks good too!

6. What information do I include on my Wrist ID?
It is possible to have 3 lines of information laser-marked onto the stainless steel tags. You might want to include information such as name, phone number, ICE (in case of emergency) contact details, medical conditions, rare blood type etc.  You can use up to 20 characters (including spaces) on each line.

7. What size are the silicone bands?

The silicone bands come in four sizes in the plain colours and three in the medical bands:
Infant – 160mm x 12mm x 2mm
Youth – 180mm x 12mm x 2mm
Adult – 202mm x 12mm x 2mm
XL – 210mm x 12mm x 2mm
The Youth size band is suitable for children, teenagers and adults with smaller wrists.

8. Why would I buy a Gift card?
If you want a present for a friend, relative or a hard-to-buy-for teenager but  you don’t know what information they would like on the labels or the Wrist ID tag, why not give them a Gift card? Each certificate is valid for 12 months from date of purchase. The Gift card can be customised with your message and then you can either print it to send by mail or forward it to the recipient.

9. Do I need to care for my AbsoluteID products in any special way?
AbsoluteID labels are laser marked on a tough, durable acrylate film. They are waterproof, weatherproof, fade resistant, scratchproof and generally resistant to most abuse the elements can throw at them! However, the surface should be dry, clean and oil free before application and you should allow 72 hours for them to harden and become effective. After this time the labels will be very difficult to take off, and cannot be removed intact.

The AbsoluteID Wrist ID tag is made from 316 Marine grade stainless steel and is guaranteed for life. If you manage to wear it out we will replace it free of charge. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee the silicone bands.

10. What happens if there is a mistake on my label or tag?
See Terms and Conditions

11. Can I get a discount for multiple orders for my school, club or organisation?
Please contact us  to discuss your requirements.

12. Why won’t my payment go through?
We have an e-commerce site and we use Paypal for payment transactions to ensure the efficiency and security of your order and credit card information. If you are having problems putting your order through please check that all the mandatory fields are entered correctly as these are required for payment verification. Please also make sure your billing address corresponds with the registered address of the card.

13. Is the site secure?
AbsoluteID Ltd do not have access to your credit or debit card details.

14. What is your privacy policy?
Please see our Terms and Conditions.



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