ID Labels

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AbsoluteID permanent labels. Are you anxious about keeping track of all your familyʼs possessions? Or worried that your buggy, scooter or bike might be mistakenly taken from the playground?  

AbsoluteID labels are a simple, cost effective and permanent way to protect everything you value.

If you own a bike, they act as a deterrent to thieves as well as providing emergency details and contact numbers in case of an accident.

To enable us to provide the best quality products we have sourced the label film from one of the top international manufacturers. It is produced in Europe under the strictest quality control by a company that recognizes the necessity for responsible environmental management and conservation of resources.

The label stock has been tested to very high standards in terms of withstanding extremes of temperature, as well as resistance to abrasion, water and the weather.   AbsoluteID labels are wash resistant up to 40 degrees, when attached to washing labels.

We are the only UK company to laser mark our labels. This allows us to offer labels that are both rub proof and fade resistant as well as producing the clearest markings on the label.  Most other labels or stickers on the market are embossed or printed and the information on them will fade or rub off over time.


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